Ukrainian-born violist Yuri B. Kholodov studied at the Lysenko music school for gifted students and then after receiving his master degree from Kiev Tchaikovsky Conservatory was invited as a violist to join Lysenko string quartet. Performing as a member of quartet ( later - Ukrainian State Lysenko String Quartet one of the most prominent ensembles in Eastern Europe) he has become a prize winner of Leo Weiner International Chamber Music Competition, Honored Artist, Peoples Artist of Ukraine, and Shevchenko National Prize Laureate.

His concert tours as a quartet violist included Eastern Europe, Germany, Great Britain, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, USA, Japan, Canada, African countries. Performing the extensive repertoire including hundreds of compositions of different styles and epochs, Yuri Kholodov has imbibed all of the richest shades of chamber composers heritage. Imaginative world of the prominent artists Vienna classics, romantics, the composers of the different national schools, foreign and native composers of XX century undoubtedly enriched his own artistic world.

Direct communication with well known native composers as Shostakovich, Lyatoshinsky, Skorik, Silvestrov, Stankovich, Ishchenko and others, collective reading of their new scores often written for Lysenko quartet and dedicated to quartet also contribute to his artistic perception of reality, and this reflected in his literature works.

He writes about our contemporaries, musicians, about life of Russian emigrants in America; he is excited with questions of psychology of creativity, musical performance, a problem of the ordinary person; his books also are turned to those who have kept ability to see beauty and harmony of world around.

His stories and narratives attract readers by their special tune, musical sounding, psychological details, gentle humour, and wonderful ability of author to reincarnate and lead life of the very different his personages.

After arrival to USA for joining to his wife Yuliana, who was invited as a research professor of biochemistry by Kansas University Medical Center, he continues his performance and writing activities. Now he lives in Savannah, Georgia with his wife. His son works as a choir conductor in Switzerland.

Lysenko quartet during perusal of the score of Lyatoshynsky Quintet. From left to right: composer V.Silvestrov, pianist Y.Rzanov, composer B.Lyatoshynsky, violist Y.Kholodov, 1 violinist A.Kravchuk, cellist L.Krasnoshchek, 2 violinist B.Skvortsov.

Lysenko quartet and composer M.Skoryk.

A.Bazhenov - the first violinist of Lysenko quartet from 1970 (on the right).

The cover of concert program of Shostakovich Quartets with authors autograph: "To dear Yuri Borisovich Kholodov from hotly grateful D.Shostakovich. December 28, 1974, Kiev."

With composers T.Khrennikov and A.Filipenko.

B.Krysa - the second violinist of Lysenko quartet from 1983 (the second on the right).

Concert of Lysenko quartet in St. Cyril Church.

Peoples artist of Ukraine Yuri Kholodov, 1991.