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Permanent editor and co-author of some Yuris works (StoryCorps, Parallel World, On the backyard and others), his wife, professor Yuliana Kholodova is the bright representative of scientific intelligentsia. She devoted her life to research and development in the field of organic chemistry, biophysics, bioorganic and biological chemistry.

After obtaining a higher degree, PhD in chemistry, at age 25, she changed the direction of her investigations several times and became Doctor of Science in Biology (the highest degree) in the field of biophysics and then full professor of bioorganic and biological chemistry.

She is an author of more than 200 articles in scientific journals, 8 patents, and 3 monographs including the textbook of bioorganic chemistry for the students of Agrarian Universities. Her interest in philosophy resulted in active collaboration with the Institute of Philosophy, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and publication of articles concerning the philosophic problem of natural science.

She educated 10 graduate students in their PhD thesis defense, and they successfully work in Ukraine and in the foreign research laboratories.

For many years she was the Director of the Steroid Biochemistry Department in the Institute of Biochemistry, Ukrainian Academy of Science, Chairperson in Agrarian University, Director of Scientific-Innovation Center Natural Bioregulators, Scientific Editor and then Editor-in-Chief of Ukrainian Biochemical Journal. She worked as an invited Guest Scientist and lecturer in Germany, Vietnam, and USA, was an invited participant of International Symposiums and Conferences, a member of Expert and Qualifying Councils, rose as the corresponding member of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and academician of branch Academy of Ukraine. In the middle of 1990 she moved to the USA as invited research professor of biochemistry.

At present time together with literary and editing activity she takes part in social programs, helping, in particular, Russian speaking immigrants as a translator of different documentation, newspapers, magazines, and letters and as an interpreter of their social and medical needs.


Everything is still in future.

Portrait of Yuliana Kholodova, the wife of musician.
Artist T. Gavrylenko.

Portrait of Professor Y. Kholodova.
Artist R. Bagautdinov.

Year 2013. A lot of things are already in the past.